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Burbank Bankruptcy Attorney Roland Kedikian
Bankruptcy Attorney Roland Kedikian

Whether you have a hard case or many questions, our goal is to guide you through the bankruptcy process with minimal or no stress. We have helped Burbank residents get the bankruptcy discharge and protect all their property. We understand the hardship you experience because we practice in bankruptcy only and worked with many individuals and businesses just like you. Call (818)409-8911, do not delay, and learn how comfortable you feel working with us. You don’t have to decide. Just learn your options from the best rated bankruptcy attorney.

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We offer free in person or over the phone consultation. Get detailed information about your options with no pressured to retain us.  We pride ourselves on providing prompt and cost effective services to our clients.

We Qualify Though Cases.

If another attorney said you do not qualify for chapter 7, make sure you talk to us. We have successfully represented clients through US trustee audits and independent auditor reviews and obtained discharge to high debt, high income individuals. Because our practice is exclusively in Bankruptcy law, we know how to use every deduction and expense to get you the best outcome.  Chapter 7 will allow you to wipe out all dischargeable debt and is the preferred chapter.

Attorney Roland Kedikian has been helping individuals and businesses in Burbank file bankruptcy since 1997. If you are considering bankruptcy Call (818) 409-8911 and learn from an experienced attorney. We offer free and detailed consultation. Our Law Firm practices in bankruptcy exclusively.

Sincerely Roland Kedikian, Esq.