Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cost Breakdown

The cost for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be broken down to:

  • Bankruptcy Attorney fees,
  • Court filing fees and
  • Cost for the 2 classes and copies of your credit report.

We will quote you our chapter 7 bankruptcy fees upfront over the phone or in person during our free consultation. You will know exactly how much it will cost to file your bankruptcy.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Fees.

Chapter 7 attorney fees vary from $795.00 to $3,000.00. The fee is based on the amount of unsecured debt and number of creditors. Types and amount of assets involved are also a factor. All legal issues that may effect the attorney fees will be determined during the free consultation. In most cases, attorney fees are between $1200.00 to $1800.00. In addition to the bankruptcy attorney fees, there is also the filing fee. The total fees includes the bankruptcy attorney fees, the filing fee and $100 for the required online courses and credit report. All fees will be quoted upfront. Bankruptcy attorney fees in California are required to be paid prior to the filing of the petition.

Chapter 7 filing fee and cost for classes and credit report.

The chapter 7 filing fee is $335. The bankruptcy court requires that this also be paid at the time of the filing of the petition. The filing fee is usually collected by the attorney since the fee is processed electronic by the attorney during the filing of the petition. You will be quoted a flat fee that will included all fees including the bankruptcy attorney fees, the filing fee, and the $100 fee for the two required courses and copies of your credit report.


Our bankruptcy attorney fees includes everything.

The cost to file bankruptcy is a phone call away. We will quote you a flat fee for everything from the beginning to the end. There are no hidden charges. We will deal with any issues that may come up without any additional fees. Our office has been filing bankruptcy in Los Angeles since 1997. We know exactly what the chapter 7 trusteeĀ  is looking for and what problems your case may have.

Bankruptcy fees quoted over the phone.

Just call 818 409 8911 and find out what it will cost to file your bankruptcy petition. At the end of our telephone conversation I will wish you good luck. There is not, nor will there ever be, any pressure to retain our services.

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Read All the reviews about us online. Just know exactly what our clients are saying about us. Click on links bellow to be directed to an independent site where clients can write anything they want about us. Yahoo | Google | Yellowbook | Yellowpages | trustlink |Avvo Reviews. We would not get positive bankruptcy attorney reviews if we did not honor our word and promise to provide you with the best Legal service at a reasonable price.

Compare our chapter 7 bankruptcy fees.

Our Standard Service

When comparing chapter 7 bankruptcy fees, its important to understand the complete bankruptcy protection you will receive for fees you are being asked to pay.

Your case is handled by me the attorney, from the initial meeting until I get you the discharge. I will be the only person you will communicate with regarding your case. We recognize the difficulty and stress that comes with the threat of bankruptcy. That is why we make it our mission to treat all our clients with dignity, compassion and respect. You are not just a case number for us. You are our client. We do not have paralegals or assistants handling your questions or concerns. If you have a question, you may always simply call or email me. If I am available, I will answer your call immediately, otherwise I return all calls within 24 hours. Emails are welcomed and preferred. I get all emails on my phone and can respond at times where I otherwise would be prevented from using the telephone (when in court or at a hearing waiting to be heard, for example).
I will represent you personally at the creditors hearing, also known as the 341(a) Meeting. The meeting of the creditors is the first time that you are questioned under oath with regards to your debts, income, expenses and financial history. Naturally, this can be stressful. Having an attorney who is intimately familiar with your case, with whom you have met and with whom you have communicated throughout the preparation of your bankruptcy petition, is the key towards making this simple and stress free.
I will represent you in any relief from stay actions. In certain instances, creditors may initiate action in bankruptcy court in order to recover as much of your property as they can. If you want to keep that property, we will represent you and protect your rights and what you own to the very limits of the law.
We will represent you in reaffirmation agreements. Sometimes you may find it advantageous to sign a reaffirmation agreement. This is useful only if the creditor agrees to negotiate better terms on a property loan (assuming you want to keep that property) or for other types of payment agreements (on a car, for example). In these instances, we will communicate on your behalf with the creditor, and work to obtain better credit terms for a reaffirmation agreement.
I will represent you in any proceeding involving an objection to your discharge. In certain instances, a creditor or a United States Trustee may initiate action to dismiss your case, denying you a bankruptcy discharge. If we agreed to represent you, we will vigorously defend you and your right to file bankruptcy. If during our initial interview I determine that there is a high probability that you will NOT be granted a discharge, we will advise you against filing bankruptcy. I will not take a case where I do not believe we can help you.
I will represent you in any proceeding to determine whether a specific
debt is nondischargeable.
In certain instanced, a creditor may seek to deny discharge of a particular debt. If during our initial interview I determine that there is a probability of an objection being filed by a creditor, you will be advise of the risks and what options are available to you so that you can make an informed decision prior to beginning the process. If we agreed to represent you, we will vigorously defend you and your right to discharge of all your debts.
I will continue to represent you in any pre-bankruptcy debts that may continue to arise after the grant of discharge. After discharge is obtained and your bankruptcy is complete, should any creditor communicate with you, we will represent you in stopping any further attempts at collecting from you and if necessary, we will file lawsuit against the offending creditor for violating the discharge order.
I will continue to provide help in rebuilding your credit We will continue to provide you with resources and information that will help you rebuild your credit. We publish information that will help you on our website, and will email periodically any new information we obtain that we think will help you in rebuilding your credit.

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