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He’s a lifesaver! I mean it. I remember walking into his office so nervous because I was clueless of what my options would be, if any, and I just couldn’t believe how thorough he was. He went into detail about the process and asked all the necessary questions in order to guide me down the right path. I provided all the information he needed and he genuinely provided the best solution, including what I would expect post bankruptcy and how I can rebuild my credit within a year. I left his office with my dignity intact and felt that he was truly behind me in all of this.I’ve never needed a lawyer before and I’m the type of person who has a good sense of reading people and know if I’m being taken advantage of. Yet, Roland never gave me a reason to doubt him. In fact, I remember telling my fiancé, ‘this is too easy and too good to be true.’ Throughout the entire 3-4 months of the bankruptcy process, he promptly answered all of my questions whether they were asked via e-mail or by phone. He even called me back within an hour while he was on vacation! I mean, seriously, who does that nowadays? I’ll always vouch for him. He’s honest, efficient, and very knowledgeable in his practice. He gave me hope that I can start with a clean slate after making horrible financial decisions. After being 65k deep in credit card debt and without a job (at the time), he patiently guided me through one of the toughest moments ever. I no longer have sleepless nights and can honestly say I’ve learned from my mistakes. Don’t be afraid to seek counsel. Roland will provide the solid guidance you need in order to rid you from your financial woes. I can’t say enough good things about him. He’s worth every penny!  original review on
Our experience with Mr. and Mrs. Kedikian was the best. They were always professional, compassionate and knowledgeable in all aspects of bankruptcy. We were always dealt with personally and this made a difficult situation much easier. I highly recommend Mr. Kedikian.
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In my search for a qualified bankruptcy attorney, I was looking for someone who I could feel comfortable hiring. In the spirit of thoroughness, I met with 5 attorneys. I observed a range of personalities- pushy, disinterested, vague, etc. Mr. Kedikian was the only attorney who, in addition to being credentialed, was very kind, thorough, accurate, informative, and clear. Mr. Kedikian demonstrated a gentle and understanding professionalism that allowed me to relax. The entire bankruptcy process provided me with enough interaction to not only observe him, but his team, as well. They are of the same ilk- professional, kind, accessible, etc. The communication was consistent and impressive- I was given updates along the way, Mr. Kedikian was accessible, and all of my emails and messages were returned immediately. I HIGHLY recommend that, at a minimum, you meet with Mr. Kedikian. He made a difficult part of my life a great deal easier, simply by demonstrating the kindness and care that we all need when the going gets rough. The cost was less than what the others quoted me, and my debt has successfully been discharged.
Dear Roland , I am extremely grateful for all you generous professionalism.  Your respectful service made this embarassing process very easy.  I will always be grateful and will not h
hesitate to recommend your office to anyone who may be in need of professional service. Sincerely for ever grateful and may God bless you and your family.
When my wife and I met Rowland for our consultation I was nervous and my wife was in tears. This was a very stressful time in our lives but when we left his office all of our fears were put to rest and my wife was actually smiling.
At our meeting of the creditors it seemed that everyone before us was getting raked over the coals for at least 30 minutes. Our turn lasted literally about 3 minutes and we were done!
Rowland was always available over the phone or through e-mail and even returned phone calls on the weekend! If you’re looking for a good bankruptcy attorney, STOP. You just found him!
I can’t say enough good things about Roland. I started my arduous search for a BK attorney with a serious, serious issue to the tune of $150,000. I won’t get into the part where this debt came as a result of embezzlement against me that I couldn’t prosecute. I looked at a lot of outfits offering “don’t pay til you’re filed” and people offering services for 1/3 the price or payment plans. Here’s what it came down to: you can get the chop shop guys who pass you through their interns and assistants till you don’t remember who you spoke with last or you can deal with one human who’s going to keep track of your case and be diligent with you every step of the way. Roland Kedikian was that person for me. Flat out I could not afford to have any details overlooked on my case. I was filed and cleared in 3 months with his help. He sent follow-up letters to my debtors upon clearance of my bankruptcy and continues to support me months after my case has been filed as I find old debtors who “haven’t gotten the memo” that they aren’t legally allowed to bother me anymore about my past debts. Mr. Roland Kedikian Esq. consistently responds to my email requests quickly and attentively, sometimes surprisingly in the middle of the night.If you have a lot to lose, or your case is complicated, or just really, really important to you — or if you just need to know you can trust someone: look no further. I interviewed 20 law offices before I found Roland Kedikian and it was worth every cent to know I was not another number on an assembly line. He was also the only person not to make me promises that were outside of his control. He told me to call the IRS and gave me the right questions to ask to confirm that my actions where going to have the effect I sought. And he was right all along. Roland, thank you. Hall of fame in my book.

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